Is it Monday Already?

¬†Normally I would have been bummed as the alarm went off this morning for the “Monday!” However, on this Monday I had the day off! Working for a company where the schedule is all over the place, with rarely two days off together leaves a bit to be desired.¬† Sometimes though, we actually get to find out what our schedule is more than a week in advance. (You know like the rest of almost all other companies!)

So, as a way of documenting the positive things that happen so I can look back at this over a year from now and say, WOW…Look how far I have come!! Here are a few things that are really positive about this corporate gig!

#1. My work buddy brings in gummy bears for the junk food drawer.

#2. There are a multitude of reports and memos, everyday, morning reports, invoice reports, updated reports, and about every week or so Corporate comes up with yet another change that completely disqualifies you from a promotion, raise of any kind. More “write up” underlying or blatant passive aggressive corporate non-sense that some executive bi-polar decided would make the bottom of the pyramid more productive. ALWAYS something to read!

Dear Future me, January 29th, 2018 was the day you decided to leave this dead end job, YOU are worth more!!

love me

Hello world!


Well, Hello Beautiful!

In this new year of 2018, I made a plan to start a blog. Here it is, “Ta Da!” I had contemplated telling a little bit about the back-story of who I am, and how I got here? It is difficult to know where to start! The year was 1978, when…NOPE, this is not that kindof blog. Let me tell you friend, where I have been is not near as important as where I am going, and TRUTH moment, there is not a single thing I can do about days gone by!

So, WHAT is this blog going to be about? Pretty much Jewelry and Cooking, my two favorite pass times! Which is why this Blog is named, “Jewels” for Jewelry and “Julia” after the late Julia Child cook extraordinaire!

A welcomed project to help me escape the tedious and dreadful corporate America deadend job that I let consume the fifty hours of daylight during the week.

I write this in here so that after the first 365 days I can reference this and see how far I have come in my career. Like I stated above, where I have been is not near as important as where I am going! God Willing, a year from now I can look back and see with different perspective, that only time brings.

~Michelle Dahlia