Looking For Inspiration. Creative Block?

The other day, I was just in a bit of a creative lull. Sort of like, “Writer’s Block, for the writer. So, I perused around on the world wide web…looking for a few blogs that would get my creative bum in gear.

Here are a few really inspirational blogs that were fun to  https://thinksimplenow.com/  https://possibilitychange.com/

After about an hour of reading and perusing I had to run to Hobby Lobby to get a pack of blank Thank you cards.  They were bustling with all sorts of stocking new merchandise, and I literally got lost with their NEW home decor! https://www.hobbylobby.com/

After All the Inspiration, and with the Thank you cards in hand, I headed back to work! I got back to the studio, sat directly down at the jewelers bench and  made five new pieces of jewelry!  After My trip to Hobby Lobby, I have started re-arranging furniture…and wall space to make room for a few of their Lovely Wall Decor!



Sometimes you just need to be inspired by new things and new places, walk away, get some perspective, take a break!

So, next time you have a “creative lull” go and get Inspired! As for me, i can’t wait for the next “creative lull” to go to Hobby Lobby for re-decorating! I’ll update pictures of that soon!

Happy Inspiration!

~Michelle Dahlia