Looking For Inspiration. Creative Block?

The other day, I was just in a bit of a creative lull. Sort of like, “Writer’s Block, for the writer. So, I perused around on the world wide web…looking for a few blogs that would get my creative bum in gear.

Here are a few really inspirational blogs that were fun to  https://thinksimplenow.com/  https://possibilitychange.com/

After about an hour of reading and perusing I had to run to Hobby Lobby to get a pack of blank Thank you cards.  They were bustling with all sorts of stocking new merchandise, and I literally got lost with their NEW home decor! https://www.hobbylobby.com/

After All the Inspiration, and with the Thank you cards in hand, I headed back to work! I got back to the studio, sat directly down at the jewelers bench and  made five new pieces of jewelry!  After My trip to Hobby Lobby, I have started re-arranging furniture…and wall space to make room for a few of their Lovely Wall Decor!



Sometimes you just need to be inspired by new things and new places, walk away, get some perspective, take a break!

So, next time you have a “creative lull” go and get Inspired! As for me, i can’t wait for the next “creative lull” to go to Hobby Lobby for re-decorating! I’ll update pictures of that soon!

Happy Inspiration!

~Michelle Dahlia

Jewelry For Your Journey, Wherever Your Road Takes You.

Alright, today is pretty Awesome! We decided that the time was now, and  launched our business into full throttle mode!  It seems like it is an “overnight” decision, but it has been months and years in the making and it has arrived!

DahliaLaneBoutique.com Our Website.










We have been working extremely hard in the past few weeks with our FAITH COLLECTION, NATURE COLLECTION, and adding to our Fine Jewelry and Custom Jewelry line.  All of our Jewelry can be found on Dahlia Lane Boutique, https://dahlialaneboutique.com/

DahliaLaneBoutique presents “BE BRAVE” by Michelle Dahlia Designs.

This Sterling Silver Bracelet with brass stamped words, “BE BRAVE” is made to make you smile! We all need reminded to BE BRAVE!  Whether, you are fighting the car pool line, have that big interview, starting that New Business, or going through a storm! You Have Got This!

This past week we were so inspired to make a few inspirational pieces that are very close to our hearts!

“BE BRAVE” by Michelle Dahlia Designs.







So, we just wanted to share this little part of our journey with you!  Wishing you a VERY BLESSED day in this amazing and Powerful Season!

If this blog post finds you going through a storm, know that YOU can get through it, KNOW that all storms end, KNOW that YOU are BRAVE!!!!

~By Michelle Dahlia <3