A Girl Has Got To Eat. Pressure Cooker Extraordinaire!

I was truly never taught how to cook. I had a Grandmother who made hot dogs, jello, tuna fish sandwiches and potato salad. That is all I recall ever learning to make. Somehow, the women in my family did not get that “cooking gene” so I started my early adult-hood out much the same…mostly called “take-out.”

Sometime in my early thirties met a man who loves food, and was immediately like “ut oh!” So, I decided to figure this whole “cooking thing” out!

That is pretty much when it all began, cause quite frankly A GIRL HAS GOTTA EAT, and The Way to a Man’s Heart….Right? I’m sure all the liberal woman movement feminists of the world would chase me down but….

I adore cooking, and quite frankly LOVE to dote over my man!

For Christmas 2017 he picked me up a PRESSURE COOKER! Now working full-time weird schedule corporate job, along with my full-time Jewelry Business on the side there just wasn’t a lot of time to cook!


So, Here is the Deal-io, At least once a week, I will be posting a New Recipe, along with pictures, Cook Time and meal cost! (We are pretty frugal!)

oh, and the Pressure Cooker is NOT just for cooking dinners, actually bakes dessert!!

Chat soon!




222 Word Daily Journal for 365 Days. End Goal? Featured Artisan In Sundance Catalog!

 Time. It is an interesting commodity, and truly cannot be bought or sold. We do make choices on what and where we give our time away though, don’t we? You don’t get a refund on “wasted” time. Here is another interesting thought, everyBody gets the same twenty-four hours in a day. This little bit of wisdom is from https://tubofcash.com Tim S. Kim, an Immigrant Millionaire who has a great Blog! Changed my life, you should for sure check it out!  https://www.tubofcash.com

Yesterday, I decided my dream client for my NEW SEASON of Jewelry Business! https://www.sundancecatalog.com But, how do I get there? What makes anyone an “expert?”

To be considered an “expert” in something: word has it that it equates to The 10,000 Hour Rule — closely associated with pop psych writer Malcolm Gladwell   The principle holds that 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” are needed to become world-class in any field. (this is courtesy of “google.com”.)

So, I have come to a reasonable conclusion that I have truly traded potential for comfort and greatness for mediocrity. Yikes and AHA…

Today I begin my daily journal of 222words, for the next 365 days.

My goal: To be featured Artisan in https://www.sundancecatalog.com

How?: Scare the crap out of myself and leave Comfort zone, What is the worst that could happen? If you have nothing to lose, Nothing.

~Michelle Dahlia


Is it Monday Already?

 Normally I would have been bummed as the alarm went off this morning for the “Monday!” However, on this Monday I had the day off! Working for a company where the schedule is all over the place, with rarely two days off together leaves a bit to be desired.  Sometimes though, we actually get to find out what our schedule is more than a week in advance. (You know like the rest of almost all other companies!)

So, as a way of documenting the positive things that happen so I can look back at this over a year from now and say, WOW…Look how far I have come!! Here are a few things that are really positive about this corporate gig!

#1. My work buddy brings in gummy bears for the junk food drawer.

#2. There are a multitude of reports and memos, everyday, morning reports, invoice reports, updated reports, and about every week or so Corporate comes up with yet another change that completely disqualifies you from a promotion, raise of any kind. More “write up” underlying or blatant passive aggressive corporate non-sense that some executive bi-polar decided would make the bottom of the pyramid more productive. ALWAYS something to read!

Dear Future me, January 29th, 2018 was the day you decided to leave this dead end job, YOU are worth more!!

love me